Claude-Eric was born on the 20th of November, the youngest of four children. He was raised mostly in Montréal, Canada except for the times the family joined their father in Africa. Where, as a young boy, Claude-Eric was exposed to the cultures of Guinea, Algeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly known as Zaire.

His vocal training began after high school with four years of private lessons in both classical and pop at the School of Prochant Montréal, Les Atliers de la Voix, in Montréal and Quebec City. Claude-Eric’s first professional show was “The Elvis Story”, in Quebec City, 1995. He toured with the show in Toronto, Canada, 1997, and Biloxi, MI, 2001.

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Claude Eric



01 Someday at Christmas

02 This Christmas

03 I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

04 It Could Snow Tonight

05 Star of Bethlehem

06 Blue Christmas

07 Pasko na Sinta Ko / Silent night

08 It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

09 Little Drummer Boy

10 Candy Cane Christmas

11 Minuit Chrétiens

12 The Christmas Song

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This is the Moment

01Emmenez moi

02El Dia Que Me Quieras

03Feeling Good


05You Raise Me Up

06I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

07Man of La Mancha


09Suspicious Minds

10This Is The Moment

11To Where You Are

12Cry To Me

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Unchained Melodies

01The best is yet to come

02Smoke gets in your eyes


04For me, formidable

05Wonderful, wonderful


07Something’s coming

08My prayer

09Luck be a lady

10That’s amore

11Ne me quitte pas

12Unchained melody

13You’ll never find

14Dream love

15Just once

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  1. Donna Kautz says:

    Claude-Eric, I was on a Greek Island cruise and enjoyed your music very much. I’m glad I checked and found you put out a CD. I was wondering when you would, I’m looking forward to getting it. Best wishes, Donna Kautz

    • Karen J. Pottruff says:

      Claude-Eric’s latest CD This Is the Moment is great! I never tire of listening to his well-picked choice of songs & his rich voice.

  2. Gisèle Moquin says:

    Bonjour Clause-Eric
    Je reviens de la croissiere (Star Princess) et a eu le plaisir de te voir en spectacle ,de causer quelques minutes ,ainsi que te croiser le matin à Gibralter…Ton Beau Sourire et ta Belle présence d’esprit sont à la fois contagieux et ispirants. Je viens tout juste de me procurer de ton très beau CD. Ma chanson préferer est Dream Lover..Continue avec ta passion de chanter et Je te salut en te redisant que J’esoère un jour avoir la chance de te revoir et peut etre meme d’avoir le plaisir d’entendre de Ta
    Voix-La chanson “LA Mer”……………Au Revoir.de Gisèle

  3. Scott Shearer says:

    I just returned from a trans-Atlantic crossing from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome, and had the pleasure of hearing you perform several times on the Star Princess. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show. Hope to see you again somewhere in the future although I suspect your :star: is waiting for you just around the corner!

  4. Barbara McMahon says:

    We loved your shows on our cruise this past week on the Star Princess…what a pure magical voice, and can’t wait to order and get the CD so we can hear your beautiful voice again.
    Thanks for the memories.

  5. Eben says:

    Wow Your site is off the chain

  6. Eben says:

    Nice Blog !!! you’re the best

  7. Joe Endellicate says:

    Hi Eric, I had the pleasure of hearing you perform on the Star Princess on my transatlantiac voyage in May – WOW!! you were spectacular. I enjoyed your performance very much. Hope to see you again in the future.

  8. Donna Kautz says:

    Good day Claude-Eric, I’m wearing out my CD that came last week.. It puts me in such a good mood. I sure hope to go on another cruise where you perform. Blessings, Donna Kautz, a fan in Kentucky.

  9. Don says:

    Dear Claude, I so enjoyed the two shows you did on the Princess. I did have a chance to chat to you and to tell you what a wonderful voice you have

  10. Nancy Drum says:

    My husband and I just returned from a cruise on the Star Princess. We were lucky enough to hear both of your performances. We love your singing and your great personality. You were a joy to watch and listen to.

  11. Stephanie C. says:

    We just returned from the Greek Islands cruise on the Star Princess and were so impressed with your show. You have an amazing voice and put on a terrific show. Loved the variety, loved the dance moves, and loved the stories.

  12. Yvonne says:

    Hi Claude-Eric…….in 2010 we did the transatlantic cruise on board Star Princess and had the pleasure of attending your 2 shows. My husband and I enjoyed your music so much, we think of you often. We are planning on cruising on the Star March 3, 2012 Valparaiso to San Francisco and are wondering if you will be aboard.

  13. Yvonne P says:

    Hello My Dear, Can’t wait to see you and sing with you again!!!! (Hope we can do it x x )See you soon x x x

  14. Shelly says:

    Gracias por haber incluido un cancion de Carlos Gardel.

  15. Ken and Diane Sharples (U.k.) says:

    Just like to add further to all previous comments. We also enjoyed your two performances on board the Star Princess November 2012. In a word FANTASTIC and in our opinion your much more talented than Michael Buble, whom your style reminded us of.Told all our U.K. friends about you and we are very suprised you are not known in the United Kingdom. We are sure it will only be a matter of time before you make it HUGE, and then we can all watch you perform once again, but not on a cruise stage but on the WORLD stage.

  16. Judi says:

    Hey! I met you while we sailed/bused the Rhine River in November! I see you will be in Cape May in July…I will put it on my calendar to see you perform live! – – really wish you would have come to the lounge one evening during the cruise and sang for us! What a treat that would have been. See you in July!

  17. Lori & Sandy Emerling says:

    Hello Claude-Eric – – We were also on the Star Princess in November 2011 and saw all of your performances. Just wonderful – loved your voice and your renditions of all songs. We also really liked the ad-lib songs with suggestions from the audience after the first late show. If you might remember, we are the folks that ran into your friend Susan in Rome (after our missing luggage fiasco). I never got her e-mail address or anything – so if you could please tell her hello from Lori and Sandy. It was also nice talking to you, and I am very excited to see you have a CD available that I can order !! Keep singing !

  18. RITA y Juan de Argentina says:

    Hola Claude !! disfrutamos mucho,mucho, mucho de tu Show en Star Princess, ….pero mucho mas de la hermosa velada en el Bar del Princess
    te acuerdas de aquel matrimonio de argentinos ?? nos encontramos junto a Kiko de Brasil que venia de perder el karaoke…. Que buena velada !! compartir contigo ha sido muy grato CONOCIMOS A UN GRAN ARTISTA Y A UNA PERSONA BELLISMA UN SER HUMANO MUY CALIDO Y GENIAL …un verdadero placer … HASTA PRONTO AMIGO!!

  19. Barbara Loffler says:

    My husband and I saw you on the Jan 7th Star Princess South American cruise……..we thought you were absolutely wonderful……..I’ve been a huge Charles Aznavour fan since I saw him perform in Montreal many years ago and you brought back many good memories…….we will definitely be in Cape May, NJ in July to hear you once again…….till then, best wishes, Barbara Loffler

  20. Mike & Chris Wrinkle says:

    Hey Claude…cheers from your friends and admirers on the February 4th Star Princess South America cruise! Played your CD to our African Grey Parrot “Buddy” and he loves your music as we do! So glad we got to meet you and spend time with you during the cruise! Stay in touch…hope to see you in New Jersey in July!! Best wishes for a great career! Mike & Chris (your art buddies).

  21. Donna Kautz says:

    Dear Claude-Eric, I purchased my Cape May tickets and I’m very excited to see you again. I love your CD and will buy a couple more for friends if you have them with you. Hope all is well with you. Blessings, Donna Kautz a Kentucky fan

  22. Sam Chatmon says:

    Whats up claude how are you ?. I saw chad on carribean princess last week, I ask about you. Would love to see you again. Ps. My rate has gone up it’s 48% now. Sam and Glenda chatmon.

  23. Bozena says:

    Claude Eric,
    You lit up the park with your versatile voice and warm personality in Beaconsfield! You are a true and versatile entertainer with a wonderful warmth and passion that reaches out into your audience. I hope that we will have more opportunities to see you in and around beautiful Montreal. Thank you for a fabulous evening!
    Hasta Pronto!

  24. Barbara Loffler says:

    Loved the show Saturday night ……..I hope that next summer, Linda will do a little more advertising and promotion…..have you considered singing at one of the casinos? or is it too much like Vegas……..just a thought…….hope to see you and hear you again on a cruise and definitley in Cape May next year……stay well, Barbara Loffler

    PS: is “SHE” on the next CD?

  25. Florise Louise says:

    Salut Claude-Eric!

    C’est ta copine Mauricienne de l’avion, on a voyagé ensemble sur Air Canada! J’ai bien apprécié tes chansons, ma préférée That’s amore! Tu as un tel charisme! J’espère en tout cas avoir la chance de te revoir un jour….peut-être à Maurice qui sait!! Je quitte le Canada vendredi après-midi et je te dis un grand au revoir! Très bonne continuation!


  26. Glenda Atkinson says:

    Hi, My sister Shirley and I loved seeing you on the Ocean Princess this past spring/summer. We are so happy to see you will be on the Ocean Princess when we will be on it in December. We can gossip over wine (for you) (scotch for us) with Sammy and his Jack Daniels. see you soon.

  27. Glenda Atkinson says:

    That’s what he said in his last email

  28. Carolyn Hoyle says:

    Just wanted to say how much we really enjoyed your show on the Brilliance of the Seas on our NE/Canada cruise. Your music touched us in a way that none other has in a long long time.. HOpe to be on another cruise someday where you will be singing.


  29. Donna Kautzt says:

    Dear Claude-Eric, I don’t think you got my last e-mail. Anyway I had thanked you profusely for acknowledging Mary Lou in Cape May for her birthday.. It made her day and she enjoyed telling all her friends when she gave them their CD. We both enjoyed you and Linda very much. I’l be coming in July but I think I’ll stay off the Pennsylvania turnpike I can’t afford another new car lol lol.. I still have night mares about that accident. When will the new CD be out I want to give a few for X-Mas gifts. Hope all is well with you . Blessings, Donna Kautz

  30. Beth says:

    Hi Sweet Friend…I have sent you several notes but don’t know if you got them or not. Please let me know when your new CD is out and send me your address again so i can mail you the money. Can’t wait, of course I would rather see you in person but I will just have to settle for the CD.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think of you so often and love the memories. much love…..your friend….beth

  31. Shirley Atkinson says:

    Your new CD, This is the Moment, is wonderful. I’m so glad it’s finally available!

  32. Glenda Atkinson says:

    Hi, the new CD is wonderful! Congratulations. Everyone should rush to buy it! Glenda

  33. Jan and Michael Rosman says:

    Wonderful performance in French Polynesia – and for a ‘hometown’ boy!!
    Nice chatting with you as well and all the best for the future,
    Jan and Michael

  34. Pierre Gagnon says:

    Bonjour Éric,
    Ce fut un plaisir de parler avec toi lors de la croisière et je te souhaite de voir l’Égypte un jour, car ça vaut la peine! Salut bien!

  35. Jack Rappa says:

    Hello Claude-Eric,

    I just returned from a Mediterranean cruise aboard the Ocean Princess (9/7-9/17) with my wife and family and was beyond impressed with your vocal abilities and live performances. You are, in my opinion, a much more talented singer and performer than Michael Buble or Josh Groban could ever hope to be. Your vocal range, perfect pitch ability, and song selections night after night were astonishing and made for a very enjoyable evening. I wish you the best and I look forward to witnessing another one of your live performances in the near future. In the meantime, my family and friends will be enjoying your CD’s!!

  36. Karen J. Pottruff says:

    Hi, Claude-Eric,
    I heard you sing on the Ocean Princess in Sept./13. You have a beautiful voice. I listen to your CD This Is the Moment when I’m driving in the car.
    I’m planning another trip on PCL next yr. It would be wonderful to see you again. warm regards, Karen J. Pottruff, Toronto

  37. Camil Anctil says:

    I see that your coming off the Ocean on the 1st of March.
    You wouldn’t be going on the Sapphire in April .. I’ll aboard from 3 April for 25 day’s . It would be great to see you there. Alway’s enjoy your show .
    Best regard Camil

  38. Grahame Williams says:

    Claude-Eric, I thanked you briefly when purchasing your CD on Diamond Princess in September last and just wanted to again thank you for your choice of music, your magnificent singing and the very gracious way you spoke and introduced yourself and your songs on the cruise. It was pure pleasure.

  39. rosalia mancuso says:

    dear claude we were in November 2013 on the Ocean Princess where my husband and I absolutely enjoyed your performance on board. I purchased your CD which I play in my car and enjoy very much i hope in the future that we will see you perform again. best wishes for your future. regards rosalia and tim mancuso.

  40. Karen Pottruff says:

    I am thinking about a cruise in Sept./14. Can you tell me where, & on what ship Claude-Eric will be?

    • claudeeric says:

      Hello Karen, so far my schedule is booked until September 3rd. Give a look once in a while, when the new dates will arrive, I’ll post them on this page.
      Have a good day,

  41. Richard and Ann Campbell says:

    We were on the Golden Princess Cruise, 15 March to the 1 April and would like to say how we very much enjoyed your shows and the impromptu singing with Arny G. All the very best.

  42. Mark Yambor says:

    Claude-Eric – I met you about 12 years ago on a short cruise from Manatee Florida and spent the day together in Key West. I am still listening to Unchained Melodies and still enjoy it very much. Thanks for the memories, glad to see you are still entertaining, maybe one day I will see you on a cruise again. Mark

  43. Greg Scott says:

    I can’t wait to see you perform live in concert on Ruby Princess in February!!

  44. Graham Gallagher says:

    G’day Claude,
    Just completed a cruise to New Zealand on the Diamond Princess.
    Enjoyed your performances immensely, as did all of my fellow travelers.
    Would have loved the show to be twice as long.
    Loved you Elvis songs & all the big numbers from the movies & stage shows.

    Maybe you would consider appearances in Australia – say the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) Brisbane.
    Graham Gallagher

  45. Lorraine Gombas says:

    Did you perform on the cruise ship Regal?

    • claudeeric says:

      Hello Lorraine,
      Indeed, over my years at sea, I have performed on two ships holding that name: Regal Empress and Regal Princess.

      • Lorraine Gombas says:

        Hi Claude Eric, The ship was the Royal Empress. IT
        Sailed in September 2001 (right after 9/11). Our destination was Canada (Old Quebec City). Along the way we stopped at Portland, ME and Novia Scotia. I have your CD “Unchained Melodies” which I purchased on board and you signed. I play it often. On the last day of the cruise, I said to you, “someday everyone is going to hear you sing” and I was right. I never tbought to go onto the i ternet but onto the 21st century and I see you are a success. Well deserved. Take care, Lorrie


        • Lorraine Gombas says:

          Hi Claude Eric, The ship was the Royal Empress. IT
          Sailed in September 2001 (right after 9/11). Our destination was Canada (Old Quebec City). Along the way we stopped at Portland, ME and Novia Scotia. I have your CD “Unchained Melodies” which I purchased on board and you signed. I play it often. On the last day of the cruise, I said to you, “someday everyone is going to hear you sing” and I was right. I never tbought to go onto the i ternet but onto the 21st century and I see you are a success. Well deserved. Take care, Lorrie


  46. christine says:

    We were on the Pacific Sea in November and we thoroughly enjoyed your two shows.

    We were wondering if you could tell us the dates and cruise ship you will be on in February as we have booked a cruise on the 16th February. Kind regards.

    • claudeeric says:

      I don’t think I have answered this, so sorry for the long delay. In February, I am staying home to enjoy the cold and snow of Montreal. Hahaha. I decided to take a short break and start again in March.

      Enjoy your cruise!

  47. Barbara Gardner says:

    We so enjoyed both your shows on the Grand Princess on our recent cruise to Hawaii
    out of San Francisco! I spoke personally with you as we headed for the Banyan Tree
    in Lahaina and you very graciously allowed my husband to take a picture of you and
    I on shore in Lahaina. We have seen and enjoyed your shows on another Princess
    ship on another cruise. What a voice you have been blessed with! Keep singing – you
    bring joy to many!

  48. Cristina says:

    I saw you while on a cruise to Hawaii and heard you sing a tango in Spanish, how could I get hold of that record, I am hoping you have it recorded. Please let me know.

    • claudeeric says:

      Hello Cristina,

      Thank you for purchasing my cd ‘Unchained Melodies’ , I hope you enjoy the music. The song in Spanish in my show is called ‘El dia que me quieras’ and it is on my other cd ‘This is the moment’.
      Again, thank you and have a great day!

  49. Treva L. Terrell Pryor says:

    Heard you sing: Baltic Cruise: Summer 2014:
    Have your signed CD’s “THIS IS THE MOMENT”
    I listen to them often and appreciate your talent. Thanks!!!
    May be get to hear you in person again sometime.
    Best of everything.

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